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Here you can see the locations of my Featured Listings in Collin County. You can zoom in or out and move that map just like a true Google Map..because it is. My team and I want to give you all the tools you need to find the right property for your needs. If you are looking for a home for sale in Mckinney, Frisco, Allen or anywhere in Collin County, Please Give us a call and we will go right to work for you. If you are looking for a great Collin County Realtor, Jane Clark Is the right realtor for you!

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Discover Collin County

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Discovering Collin County

jane100 transYou are about to discover some of the really unique and wonderful things about our area. Collin County is the perfect place to raise a family or simply enjoy the benefits of it's professional ambiance coupled with more than a little bit of country.


mckinney_realtor_blue ribbon1 Voted Best Realtor  "D" Magazine 2006-2012
mckinney_realtor_blueribbon2Top Producer   Keller Williams   North Collin County
mckinney_realtor_blue ribbon3 20+ Years raising a family in Collin County
mckinney_realtor_blueribbon414 years experience  Full-Time Realtor  KW Agent Leadership Council